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Monday, February 4, 2013

Shoveling Snow

 There is something about shoveling snow that makes men into boys again. Maybe it is the eerie quiet of a muffled world that takes on back to a simpler time. Maybe it is just the fact you are doing something you did as a kid. But really there is more to it than that. Shoveling snow is innocence unleashed. Shoveling snow is very American  .Powdery heaping pearls of white stuff that you throw over your shoulder. The snow makes the world into a winter wonderland and you cannot help but go back to a time when you believed in everything.

For me it is coming to the Midwest for the first time and seeing all that snow heaped against our house and drifting in from the plains. The Chicago winters were different from the Baltimorean winters I was used too. We had snow but never in the amounts the Midwest generated and we did not have that other worldly cold. And so I was sent out in the early morning or the afternoon to shovel the snow in the great silence

And there is something Godlike about the snow. You stand in it and pause and stare off across the land. I can see a farmers silo in the distance and a neighbors house that looks like something out of Hansel and Gretel. And still there is something else. Maybe it is laboring in the clear cold air that makes one feel very young again. Maybe it is that connection of snow and Christmas. Maybe it is just that for a moment you can hear the world sigh when you stop with that blood coursing through your veins and the wind waters your eyes and you stare across the frozen white land and you mutter to yourself....

God, I love this.
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