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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Hari Kari Congress

Where have all the tea party nuts gone? Are they behind all those governors come to Washington to complain about what is going to happen to their state when Sequester 101 kicks in. They are the frightened men who complained the government spends too much now they are screaming they wont spend enough. See Virginia who is freaking out. Gee. What happened to all that we wont take Federal Health Care dollars. They sure want those military dollars.

But our Hari Kari Republican House just wants to fall on their sword. Consequences be damned. The problem with extremists is they believe a pound of punishment is worth an ounce of change. Think of a school marm who leaves their kids outside to teach them a lesson they should wear their coats. That will teach them. Or the take your medicine crowd. This is very Victorian really. The old strict headmaster who will have his pound of flesh.

And that pound of flesh is us. The states know what is coming The spending that is keeping them afloat is going away. Goodbye Medicaid. Goodbye food stamps. Yeah they are exempt but once the states have all their other dollars cut they will go looking for places to trim. The poor and the middle class will be served up. Because we all know a lot of the middle class now depends on these programs. A dirty secret the Republicans in the House choose to ignore.

But the Hair Kari Congress will have their way. We will hit the sequester. All I can say is...

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