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Sunday, February 3, 2013

NFL Blows it with Beyonce Half Time Show

You would think the NFL had learned their lesson by now. After the Janet Jackson fiasco they went to a string of old rockers who played it safe and appealed to the broad swath of middle America that is the Superbowl demographic. Lest you doubt it look at the sheer amount of beer and pickup commercials. But they decided to be hip again and brought in Beyoncé. What a mistake. What a terrible show. And it wasn't Beyoncés fault really. She was just being Beyoncé.

And it isn't a matter of musical taste. More like the realization that B96 music which is dance and hip hop has still not really made it to prime time in America. We like to think we have come a long way but really Superbowl watchers don't really want to see  women dressed in S&M outfits and strutting their sexuality while singing to essentially dance music. It is dance music and that is all we were left with and even that wasn't enough. Look you can't export sexuality from the middle of a Super dome. It just looks silly. Maybe comical.

And that is really what Beyoncé pumps out there and in her world she is amazing but the Superbowl is not her world. It is still dominated by middle America that wants tunes they can sing along to or at least recognize and songs they wont have their kids asking what the woman is doing on stage with those strange pelvic thrusts. But again, the biggest complaint is the show was a sort of a Black Eyed Peas rerun. Remember that one? Awful. A lot of people doing a lot of things that made no sense and the music was mostly undecipherable.

So look for the NFL to go back to their roots again. If I had to guess...Elton John, Tom Petty, maybe even the Boss will return. Who knows. But you can bet they will be white, old, and more importantly than all will know their music.
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