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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Marco Rubio's Lunge for Water

Could the metaphor be more clear.  The Republican Response made by Marco Rubio punctuated by Al Sharpton's comparison of amateur night at the Apollo where Rubio would have been better off. Then maybe his sweating dry mouthed final smile at the end of his nightmare would have been less of a standout. But prime time television demands you gut it out as Michael Steel put it. Guess nobody told working class Marco who loves Medicare and Student Loans but wants to get rid of them. Huh.

Bobby Jindal is looking pretty good about now. Last years disaster is this years not so bad. Marco was supposed to position himself for the Presidential campaign in four years but it would seem his Gable driven ears just didn't hear the whisper: speak to everybody and not just the fringe of the Republican Party. If there is any doubt about the hold of the Tea Party on the Republican Party then tonight should knock out those doubters.

Clearly his thirst induced attack speech did  not bode well for his future. Just the same old NO put in the mouth of the new guy who was supposed to be the new hybrid but unfortunately turned out to have the same old oil spewing V8. And Marco had to have that water. He was thinking if I just duck and do it then no one will see me. But Marco had to realize this was way beyond the ninth grade play like Chris Matthews cited where Marco would get a bye for being a neophyte.

He was a neophyte but he was on a much bigger stage. At least he quenched his thirst; if doing nothing for ours, at least for anything new from the Republicans.

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