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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fort Apache: Still Can't Move

They say the housing market is getting better but most people still cant move. Unless you want to walk out of your home and start over. A lot of people are doing that. Well some. But you have to be ok with taking nothing with you and maybe wrecking your credit. But the bottom line is the normal process of taking some money with you for your next house has been obliterated. Not only was lending destroyed in the Great Recession but Real Estate has pretty much ceased to function. At least for people who now own

Even if you can get a little out of your house then you have to find a house where the new numbers ill work. The fact of the matter is most people are so upside down in their homes they cannot move. In this way people are stranded. There is no mobility anymore in the upward mobility of Americans. We always prided ourselves on being able to move on if things don't work out. Now we have to just hunker down. The problem is we have been hunkering down for five years.

And they say real estate is up. But for who? First time home buyers. They can come at it fresh with no loss on their current home. Lets face is freaky to walk away from hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equity. Poof. Gone. Intellectually you know it. Of course the real problem is bad credit. A lot of people cant qualify for a new home or they don't have the income anymore. Fort Apache. That is where we are now.

We have to just hide out in our fort until....

Rocket Man....the novel of the Upside Down Generation

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