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Monday, February 25, 2013

Dreams of Oscar

Everyone can see themselves making that walk down the aisle. You are hugging your friends and the people who got you to the point where you are about the accept the award of your life. You have toiled in obscurity on that screenplay and now you are about to be recognized by a billion people. And now you are walking up on the stage and all of Hollywood is on their feet. They are giving you a standing ovation. GOOD JOB!

And now that speech. You have had it in your head all your life. First I would like to thank the studio and all the people who made it happen. And now you start reeling off the names of your kids and your wife and your parents and your dog. You give shout outs to people who have all been part of your great journey because you have beat the odds and landed on the top of the world. And you are holding that gold statue over your head and you are doing the James Cameron thing. IM ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

But then you get solemn and tearful. You pledge your Oscar to the unknown out there. Kid if I can do it you can. There is not a dry eye in the house. And they have stopped the obnoxious music because it is your moment. I give my Oscar to the great unknown talent who will change the world! Bravo! They just cant give you enough applause and you sign off with: NEVER EVER GIVE UP! And you exit the stage clutching your statue and now it's time for to reap the reward.

You hobnob with every famous person on the planet and fall into bed exhausted. Yes. Yes. You have done it. And then you wake in the morning. Severely depressed. You make your coffee in a fog.  You really have to quit staying up late and watching the Academy Awards.

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