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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Yeah. Well it had to come to this right? People who never see someone have a relationship with them online and fall in love. Which we could say is very weird. Just like the linebacker for Notre Dame whose catfish love dies and then doesn't really because she was never real. Weird. But of course the history  is there. What are love letters but a a love affair in an epistolary world. My dad used to write my mom love letters. A very time honored way of courting.

And if we go through history there were whole relationships carried on in letters. People fell in love and then fell out of love through letters! Time and distance being very finite the love letter expressed the deepest emotions and to some degree sex through prose. These letters are embarrassing to read today. They are very intimate and sometimes downright scandalous. Fast forward sixty years or so and we fall into the world of cat fishing.

You never meet the person but you know them. Through posts. Pictures. Videos. Tweets. Maybe some skyping. Just no human touch. But then we have to decide how critical is that human touch to falling in love. I would say quite a bit but if all you have is the online medium then maybe not. Maybe humans can form this very intimate bond with a phantom they will only know through a screen and the precious swipes of a keyboard or a screen.

It worked for the linebacker from Notre Dame. If only there had been a real girl who died on the other end and broke his heart.

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