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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What is a gun?

A gun is an instrument of death. That is all a gun is. It was produced to kill humans. Maybe animals too. Death. Human. Animal. Death. A gun is anti human. Humans are humane. Guns are death. Guns have always been death. We are about life. All the time. We fight to stay alive. Guns kill people all the time. They never stop and give life. A gun is a death machine. There is no other way to see it. People do not kill people. Guns kill people. People were not designed to kill people. Guns are. Always have been.

Why is it so hard to stop a gun? A gun shoots a bullet. It does not protect us. A gun kills us. A gun will always kill us. A gun does not equal freedom. It never has. A gun is a freedom killer. It destroys your freedom because it takes your life. A gun always takes freedom. A gun takes liberty. A gun has nothing to do with liberty except to destroy it. What more could you do to someones liberty than kill them?

A gun takes away our rights. It takes away our Second Amendment. A gun kills our right to bear arms. A dead man bears nothing. A dead man is just dead. A gun was manufactured to kill us. A gun is always manufactured to kill us. A gun has no other purpose. Guns have always killed people. We have no rights against a gun. Nada. Nothing. The gun takes away all rights. Dead men have no rights. Dead men have nothing.

A gun doesn't care about the NRA. A gun doesn't care about watering the tree of liberty. Guns don't think about anything. The gun is only here to kill. There is nothing more true than this. It does not matter what type of gun it is . A gun is designed to kill you, your children, your husband, your wife, your mother, your father. That is what guns do. Just ask anyone who has been shot. Ask anyone who has lost a loved one to a gun. They know what a gun is. If you say a gun is anything more than a death machine you are a liar. A gun is death. Period.

So why would you ever want a gun?

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