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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Modern Writers Challenge

You really aren't sure how to approach a new book coming out anymore. It has changed that much. Maybe you are at the top of the food pyramid and so it is not a great concern. A publisher has paid you enough to ensure they will push like hell and make your book a success. But for the rest of us each book is a race and you aren't quite sure each time if you are even on the right track or how hard to run. Because it is daunting.

The Social Media alone can bury you. Hopefully you believe in your book because you will need every once of your belief to get you through the machinations of having to sell. You have to sell so you can make a living and continue to publish. And you are taunted daily by the success stories so thrilling in their pluck and audacity and bestsellerdom. You feel a bit like a man with a sling shot taking on a Giant.

How can you fight the jaugernaut of mass culture and make your book known? This then is the problem confronting every author. And some authors go to great lengths. Some authors appear at Carnegie Hall and sell it out. Some authors become pundits. Some become actors. And there is nothing new under the sun. Do you not think Hemingwayw as cognizant of news worthiness as he fished off Bimini or hunted in Africa? You bet. His exploits were truly measured against his legend and his legend sold books. And he knew it.

So we have our work cut out for us. You knew when you signed up to be a writer there would not be one easy moment. There would never be a I made it. Its not that way. Even when you get an advance it is merely a bet that you will sell...not a guarantee. The awful truth is it all comes down to you and you alone.

And that is all.

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