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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Selling Fiction in the Brave New World

It is huge. Where do you begin? And if you have a good publisher and a good book it is even worse because you have to deliver. You could just slough it off and say it is too hard but that wont do you any good here. You know you have come too far to give up now while you are in the final turn after years of rejection and hours of crafting and now that book is sitting on your table and you have to sell it and you have to get it reviewed and more than that you have to get people to read it! None of this is easy of course but you dig in on the side of the mountain and just begin.

And what is that mountain? Well it is the Internet and all it's attendant modalities. There is no clear path. Getting reviews is one aspect of the selling process but there are many parts. And so you become more of a techno geek and what is your book really about anyway so that SEOs will pick up on it. And if it is a book like Rocket Man then it is about right now, the American Dream. the inversion of that dream. The whole upside down thing of middle class America. It is about the forty seven percent and the power grab of the one percent.

It is about bringing up a family and trying to survive. It is about individuality in a land of mass conformity. It is about vanishing youth and increasing responsibility. It is about the pressure to succeed while questioning the validity of the concept. It is about the weirdness of parent child activities and how great it is. It is about the whole banana, but how do you get all of that into press release or uploaded into one of the many search engine protocols?

So you do what you can. You must do what you can and you know the odds you are dealing with. Oprah is not an option. A big movie is not an option. Your only option is the push you can exert against that big uncaring world. Maybe that is enough in the end. Maybe it is all you have.
Rocket Man...the novel of the upside down generation

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