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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Blood Soaked Movies are killing us

Went to see Drango, Tarrentinos new film. Before the film I was shot a thousand times. I was blown up. I was thrown out of windows, run over by cars, sprayed with automatic weapon fire by Schwarzenegger, Penn, and Willis. The mayhem continued for thirty minutes before the film. Then Drango began and I was immersed in blood for two and half hours. I was shot countless times again and hung and burned and branded and blown up and burned and chained, dragged, imprisoned, and raped and then shot all over again. At the end of my movie experience I had been exposed to over a hundred acts of violence with ninety percent of them using guns. Is it any wonder we are awash in blood in our society?

And you can say art and blah blah blah. But to quote Fitzgerald. "All cheap entertainment is immoral, it is heroin of the soul." Our heroin has destroyed the fabric of our society. We are the product of years and years and years of violence piped into our homes and theatres. We come out of theatres soaked in blood. The cop in the lobby of the theatre with the nine millimeter on her hip is the full circle of that violence. And clearly Tarentinos joke is on us. Or is he part of the problem. By pointing the camera at our violent society is he not part of it? Is there any difference from the Bruce Willis character and John Holmes? One just happened to come off the screen.

And it will happen again. We have used our freedoms like a junkie and we buy all the cheap smack we can get out hands on and now we are dying because of it. Every day. By characters with guns who are killing us one by one. They have finally morphed into our reality and humans simply ape what they see. It is the basis of advertising. And what we see is the horror every single day and it is not on the screen. It is the horror we export.

Coming for us.



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