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Friday, January 11, 2013

Make Assault Weapons part of a Terrorist Act

Look we all know an assault weapons ban is DOA. Congress will not let it pass. Make that the NRA wont let it pass and we all know they represent the will of the people. So instead of going through that tired exercise that will result in a watered down  bill that will mean nothing, lets cut to the chase and get assault weapons classified as a weapon of terrorism. We already interpret threats and bombs and plans to kill people  as acts of terrorism. Is this really such a leap?

First of all assault weapons are a terrorist dream. They kill in large numbers. Look at Sandy Hook. If killing children is not an act of terrorism then I don't know what is. Of course it is. It goes to who we are. Terrorists know this. And so we had a brutal act of terrorism committed with a brutal weapon of terrorism. An automatic weapon designed to fire so fast that people are not hit with just a few bullets but upwards of ten or eleven. It is a killing machine.

And if terror is our criteria then go back and look at Aurora movie theatre shooting. Listen to the testimony of the officers on the scenes. The one cop driving with blood sloshing around in the back of his car. The first responders to Sandy Hook who will never ever be the same. They have been terrorized as much as anyone who was at Ground Zero. Killing in large numbers is an act of terrorism. It has always been an act of terrorism. So logically you have to make it illegal to own the tools of the trade.

Again. The exercise in congress is futile. We know this. The NRA will block anything. We are not the NRA. The American people deserve to be protected from assault weapons. They deserve to be protected from Terrorists. Ergo. Make the owning and the use of  assault weapons an act of terrorism.

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