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Friday, January 18, 2013

How Stupid Are We?

I really didn't  get it. I mean why would you really want some monster gun to hunt a deer. It's like minting a trillion dollar coin and putting it in the US mint. Makes no sense right? Why does the NRA really care if you can tear a fifty five gallon drum in two with your Uzi. But then you start to look at at in a different way. You don't  have to go far. Just put your ear to the ground and listen to the buzz. Wayne LaPierre and the boys want these guns to fight the government. Huh. So you mean that we should let them keep these guns so when the shit goes down they will have the necessary firepower? Exactly. Duh.

So that means  he NRA is a front much like the IRA. They are a front for all these shadowy organization who want to have as much firepower as possible? Which means they are really a seditious organization hiding under the Second Amendment. How conspiratorial. How bizarre. How Jesse Ventura. And yet we are left with this odd situation of a bunch of people who really want to keep military assault weapons. Lets look at our history.

Right to bear arms. Right to revolution. But of course we don't want to plant the seeds of our destruction. We sure didn't let the Japanese or the Germans have guns. Nope. That was against the law. But these "Patriots" are just fine. Sure. Give them as much ammo and guns as they need to you know fight the United States. Land of the free. Land of the extremists. Just watch a couple YouTube videos and you will see what is really going on.

So we are back to where we started. If the stated reason people want to have these assault weapons is to fight the government  then you cant blame the government for being a little nervous about giving them the weapons. I mean how stupid do some people think we are? Looking across the current landscape of three hundred million guns....

Pretty stupid.

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