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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hillary Burns Down the Tea Party

The Tea Party Senator who got a broadside from Hillary  better get ready. There is a new Sheriff in town and her name is Hillary. Finally someone gave it back to these assholes. Hillary went ballistic and finally said what President Obama has never been able to do. F Off Not that she said that but in her response, her "What difference does it make? She finally threw it back in their faces. Bring on 2016. These guys have been abusing the President for four years...guess what. They are about to get as good as they give.

And it goes for the NRA types and all the other wacadoodle far right freaks who think yelling will get them to the Promised Land. Are  you listening Alex Crosse? Because you are not cowering somebody who wont fire back. Hillary does and she will. Maybe it is the whole black thing. Maybe President Obama cant afford to be the angry black guy, but Hillary has no such qualms. She can give it back to these bullies the way only an angry woman can. 

And so we can only hope she runs. And I'm sure the far right hopes she does not. They don't know how to handle someone who punches back. And she can punch.
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