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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Go Fudge Yourself

So said John Boehner to Harry Reid only he didn't use fudge. So the gloves are off it would seem for the Republicans in more ways than one. Or the rats are all eating each other. Take your pick. But the good ship Republican seems to be taking water at a fast pace and  Boehner might get bailed out along with all that ballast. Of course Eric Cantor will be manning the pumps and making sure all the bilge that is John Boehner gets cleaned out before the next Congress arrives. The knife in the back could not be any clearer than his no vote on the Fiscal Cliff.

But John rolls along. Telling Christie and the boys they cant have money. Same as he told the President. What a tight wad. Maybe he should make Christie the same offer as he made Obama: a dollar spending cuts for a dollar revenue. That might send the big man over the edge and have him come up to Washington to punch out Boehner. I wouldn't put it past him or Senator King. They are pissed off to use a word that is about as popular as the F word in the halls of Senate. But Boehner has lowered the bar on all that.

It would seem he cant figure out who is buttering his toast. Tea Party Dudes. Donors. Cantor. Wall Street. Moderate Republicans. Just who should he trust. Clearly the good ship Speakership is on the wane and maybe his career. Christie will only rise in the polls as a  man who speaks his mind while John goes down as the man who has no mind to speak of. How else could he be eclipsed by Joe Biden the master of the F word misspeak?

Oh well. He might get punched out by Christie. Cantor might steal his job. Reid might hit him in the back of the head with a two by four. Obama might not talk to him. But no matter. The tan man will prevail. At least until January 13th when the House Republicans tell him to go fuck himself.

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