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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Confederates in the Mist

I grew up a rebel in Richmond, Virginia. Yankees were bad. The government had come down in 1861 and destroyed the South. The Cause. Only The Cause existed. Dragged off to Gone with the Wind by Great Grand Parents who lived in old Civil War Brown stones I had no idea that the War Between the States had ended. More it was a smoldering fuse ready to be re-lit any time. The South Shall Rise Again was not said with an ounce of disenguousness. We were Southerners and we distrusted anyone who was not a Southerner.

My grandfather on my mothers side used to say a Yankee moved in next door. He is not a bad fellow. Meaning that he can not help that he is from the North. Martin Luther King was that King fellow who had come down to stir up trouble. Stir up the Negroes. When my father and I went for ice cream an enormous fat man said he was closing the store before the niggers started burning. This was the day after King was assassinated.

And so I grew up reading Gone with the Wind every summer and I saw myself as a twelve year old Rhett Butler. We eventually moved North but I never forgot that my allegiance lay to the South and The Cause. It had nothing to with slavery. It was that our world was apart from the world of the North and that it was no longer here.

So when I hear about the Gun Folks talking about Revolution and 1776 and a Second Civil War, I have to say I feel like an old General listening to some new privates.It is in my DNA to distrust the government. I never saw myself as part of this world. Many Southerners still hold this view. And when I go back to Richmond and march around that weary old hot capitol you can still feel that old society. But you know The South lost that Civil War and will never rise again. The world is a very complex place and The Cause is as dead as 1861 and  talk of Civil War or Revolution is just foolish.

Romanticism for any cause is the desperate conviction that there is a better world out there somewhere in the mist. Really there is only this world. The Gun Folks should take heed and deal with the issues before us. There will be no second Civil War and no Second Revolution. The Cause is as dead as a door nail.

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