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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blackmailing America with the Debt

Lets say you know someone who is giving you a ride in their car and suddenly demands twenty dollars for gas or you get put off in the middle of the night in a dangerous part of town. So you have a choice. You either fork up the twenty or risk being mugged or shot or lost in a city at night with no clear way to get home. And it is your last twenty bucks and nothing was said of this when you got the ride but you are stuck. So the car pulls over and you look at the driver. He kicks open the door. Well, are you going to pay or not?

This is what is being done to the entire country by the Republicans. They are blackmailing the country with the threat of not funding the debt. The result is economic ruin. This then is the threat that they are using against the President of the United States and the country. Can you really believe a political party would condone this type of blackmail against a sitting President? Could you imagine it happening to Clinton or Bush or Jimmy Carter? How about Eisenhower or Kennedy? Never. They wouldn't dare.

But we now accept this blackmail as business as usual. It is immoral and we are the ones being held hostage. It is our investments that are in danger if the US gets downgraded. Try this one on. If the US is perceived as being unreliable and not a safe haven then the money will go elsewhere. This is just business. Would you want to risk your billions with a government that is out of control? A President who cannot govern because one faction has decided they should tell the rest of the country what is best with the threat of a massive punishment.

We are in that car now and we are in the dark and we are on the bad side of town and the door has been kicked open and the driver has turned to us and asked for the twenty dollars we don't have. And we have no way to get home. Why would you ever ride with someone like that again?

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