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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Arming to fight the goverment

If you watched Alex Jones last night on Piers Morgan then you realized the full turn the second amendment has taken. The only reason Alex and company want their guns is to fight the United States of America. Which makes you wonder why the second amendment was written in the first place. Obviously a retort to occupation by the British, I don't know if the Founding Fathers wanted everyone to lock and load to fight their own government. And if they did, then the government certainly has a big problem as this third column arms at an incredible rate.

I guess I missed the part where our government has attacked it's own people. Taking assault weapons is hardly an assault on freedom. But Alex Jones and company see 1776 in every corner. 911 was a government conspiracy and everything before and after is suspect. Conspiracy theories abounding, Mr. Jones just cant decide who to accuse. Piers. Drug companies. Media. Government. Corporations. Liberals. Lemmings. China. Britain. Bush. Democrats. The list goes on and on. And behind all of this is the grand conspiracy to disarm the populace.

Mr. Jones specialty is attack. Peirs had no chance. And when he switched to a British accent the interview ran into the surreal. But he is ours. He represents a segment of the country marginalized by tech, the economy, the changing demographics of America, age, ecommerce, globalization, downsizing, a five recession,and the exportation of jobs. These people see themselves as under siege or worse as having lost their country. Extreme times create extremists and Mr. Jones shouts into the bewildered ear of  his loyal following: it is the governments fault. They are out to get you.

Lock and load.

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