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Saturday, December 29, 2012

When the Revolution Begins...

A doctor I know said he is going to buy the Bushmaster faux AR15. He said that he is buying it for when the revolution begins. When I pressed him for further details he said that the revolution could begin anytime. I asked who would be behind the revolution. He didn't answer and didn't say anything more, but I have heard this many times. We are stockpiling for when the revolution begins. We are getting ready for the revolution. The three hundred increase in firearm purchases since Obama became President is surely in preparation for when the revolution begins.

And there is nothing more you can say. The revolution. This is a word batted around in the hinterlands of America to describe the takeover of the US by Obamian forces composted of blacks, gays, Muslims, urbanites, liberals, the UN, Obamacare enthusiasts, atheists, just about anyone who is not white and probably rural. The when the revolution begins folks are arming for a vague Armageddon where blood will flow in he streets and the screaming forty seven percent will come for their due.

And what else was Romneys famous forty seven percent speech but a clarion call against the revolutionaries who are sucking away the lifeblood of  America. His singling out of half the population and  clearly drawing a line in the sand against the menacing hoards who can not be reformed into the American mainstream. Only the real Americans deserve to be represented and the rest need be to watched...preferably with a Bushmaster.

And this is the great paranoia behind the gun debate. The people who see their guns as being ready for the Obamian rabble who will come and take all they have worked for. Or even a military uprising where gun toting Americans will have to defend home and hearth against an evil Socializing Big Brother government. And so the good doctor will get his gun. He can certainly afford the twenty five hundred dollars. And he will be ready.

When the revolution begins....

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