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Monday, December 31, 2012

What is really behind the deadlock

Two different worlds that no longer resemble each other at all. One is a world of Foxian conceits angled out night after by Sean Hanity Bill OReilly and friends. America has never had an attack network until Fox and we are seeing the effect of scare news. Half the country really believes what Fox is saying and half does not. Half believed the President is not really the President. Half believes Obamacare is Socialism that will destroy us. Half believes the President is coming to take away their money and their guns. Half believes America has been sold to people who are not Americans.

Is there any way else to put it? We know the problem in the Senate is echoed in the country. Talk to a Fox watcher and you will come away with two very different world views. Half believes the UN will sell us down the river. Half believes Surea Law is on the way. Half believes there is a forty seven percent group of deadbeats sponging off the government. Half believes there is no climate change. Half believes that companies will employ more people if they have to pay less tax. Half believes Barack Obama is the anti Christ.

And it comes down to rural versus city. Old versus young. But do these differences matter. You cannot blare away on your megaphone for ten years and not do damage. Robert Murdoch has created an alternate universe and painted it as fact. And people who believe it have a deep conspiratorial vein that throbs with the impending doom of government takeover. They really believe the government is the enemy and are stockpiling for the day of reckoning.

Is it any wonder we cant avert a fiscal cliff? The scary thing is the cliff behind this one and it is not fiscal.

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