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Monday, December 10, 2012

Watch out for The Team

The girl at Starbucks was learning the ropes and the manager just behind her elbow explained apologetically that she had just joined "the team." We now are a society of teams are we not? Corporotification has reached down all the way into our schools where we are team taught and organized into teams of learning pods. The team is pre eminent. It is us versus the poor lone sap who has no team. The team will solve all your problems.

And it is insidious, this creeping pluralism. It is bad enough people are wired into the many and mostly have no personal life or concept of a personal life. We are marketed to 24/7 and most people do not have a self apart from the whole anymore. Tis weird to be at home with nothing to do. That nervous dread takes hold and the first thought is to go find people. Go find the team. There is something suspect about the individual.

And maybe it goes back to when our vaunted rugged individualism was traded for the corporate buck. We are after all terrified not to be on a team. Not to be plugged in to a protective dome of the many. The problem of course is that many people can no longer get under the dome as robots and good old capitalism moves in favor of the few. It would seem the team is shrinking before our eyes.

The team may be reduced to people with laptops in the corners of coffee houses. A nation of pecking teams tethered together by amorphous wifi, disembodied voices crowing the team ethics while living a life apart. It does get confusing this teaming up as we team down. The team then is whatever is being sold at that moment...a bait and switch of the worst kind.

Better we are sold down the river by the lone con man.

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