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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Rights of Children Trumps the NRA

So they have no voice. They are not of voting age. They are not armed. They don't have checking accounts or licenses or jobs. But they have rights. They have the right to a full and lasting life. They have the right to see a hundred Christmas's come and go. They have the right to go to college and have children and become parents. They have the right to flower and live brightly and then watch the results grow after them. Children do have rights but they were trumped by a Godless organization of gun toters shilling for gun manufacturers. They were slaughtered.

And why shouldn't children  have the right to sit in their classroom with their pencils and papers and recite the pledge of Allegiance. They have the right to learn their left from their right and wonder how Santa can come to all the children of the world in one night. They have the right to be excited about the first snow and stare out the window as the first flakes descend. They have the right to their birthday parties and to dress up for a concert or a dinner.  And yet these rights did not exist for twenty children in Sandy Hook Elementary.

Gone were those rights as a man shot his way into the school with an AR15 and committed murder on a scale we can not understand or fathom. Their very right to life has been taken away by NRA lobbyists who shadow the halls of congress and terrorize our democracy. The result was absolute horror. And every person who works for or who has blocked legislation for  a ban on assault weapons has blood on their hands. They know it and that's why we hear not a sound. Not a word. Like dirty whores they hide until it is all clear again.

The rights of our children  are pre-eminent and must be preserved. So when the vultures come out of their caves we should be ready for them. They have lost their rights. The NRA is a soulless creation of death and greed that hides under the Second Amendment. No more. Twenty souls say it is so.

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