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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Great Sorrow

Maybe it is because they were just sitting at their desks. I have gone to teacher parent conferences for my children. You sit at those small desks and lift the top and look at the crayons and the rulers and the scissors and the glue. You look at the clock on the wall so important then .And all those pictures on the walls about writing and reading and arithmetic. And that is what I think about. They were just sitting there and  had no say in their fate. No say at all.

And yet we have politicians who still will not speak. We have people who still wont stand up for them. But we  have the twenty children for all time. So we must do something because that sorrow can overwhelm you if you let it. It is something you cannot quite define. The nausea when you first heard it was children. That it was a high powered assault rifle. That the carnage was unspeakable. And so where do you begin.

And I go back to those small desks. I go back and sit in that desk again and look around the classroom and it does speak of beginnings. That is how I always saw it. Here is where I began. It is where we all began. In a classroom learning the basics of the world. And it was supposed to be safe. It was supposed to be removed from the world. And yet evil came in with unspeakable horror and left us with the great sorrow of twenty dead children.

And in my daughters school they had a song at their Christmas concert for the tragedy. And in the song all the children held a candle. And at the end they put their candles out one by one. All twenty of them until there was only one candle left. Flickering in the darkness.

Then that small candle  flickered.  And died.

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