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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Founding Fathers Did Us No Favors on Guns

By connecting guns to freedom we have created a monster three hundred years later that is eclipsing the world in the sheer amount of guns and our incredible murder rate. There is no one even close to us and why is this? Because the right to bear arms was written right next to the right of free speech, liberty, freedom of assembly, the right to a fair trial and a host  of other rights Americans hold near and dear. And by osmosis the right to own a gun is now equated with the right to freedom. And they are not the same.

But this is the entanglement of ideas that we now deal with. The right to bear arms was very important with an occupying force like the British. We know why the founding fathers wrote this amendment and why it was second. You backed up your freedom with arms. But the two are not the same and we have no occupying army and a government that safeguards our freedoms. And if you really believe you need a gun to fight the government then you are very delusional.  A gun will not help you in that fight.

But the problem is there is no division for  most gun owners. It is not merely a right to own a gun. It is a right to freedom and this is where it gets weird. Deadly force insures no freedom. In fact, it could very well take away your freedom. Just ask the two men on trial in Florida for shooting young black males under the Stand Your Ground law. But most people see a gun as freedom and this is why it is impossible to have a rational debate over guns.

I hate to say it, but it is a little like getting rid of slavery. We are that far apart.

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