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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Cowards Are Hiding

Funny how the pro gun Senators won't take calls. Funny how they wont be interviewed. Funny how not a peep out of the NRA. Could it be they are ashamed? Could it be Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell are having second thoughts now that twenty tiny souls have been thrown into darkness? Or do men who do the bidding of the gun manufacturers and the NRA have no soul? We don't really know, but they are not talking. They are hiding like cowards.

And why shouldn't they? The unspeakable has happened and they all have blood on their hands. There is no justification for the worst case scenario. There is no higher moral calling for pushing assault weapons for the sake of a buck. Those lobbyist who haunt the halls of congress for the gun lobby are not about the right to bear arms. They are about the right to make a buck. Ideology pales to the gnashing greed of capitalism.

And so our children pay the price. Yours. Mine. Because while they sit in school some sick bastard can pull up with an AR15 and shoot his way into the school and murder at will. No teachers can stop someone armed with high capacity weapons designed for war. And the worst case  unfolds and the people who push the devils work are saying nothing. Nothing. They are in their darkness. Blood all over their hands for the sake of a buck.

They should hide.

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