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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Muzzling Bob Costas

It took a sports commentator to say what everyone knows. The entire country is being held by gun owners and their mouthpiece the NRA. We get shot now in theatres, schools, driving to work, walking down the street, at political events, in parks, in concerts, at work, at home, in cars, on athletic fields, in our bedrooms, in the woods. No where is safe. And no one says a word. People get mowed down in a theatre and no one says a word. People get mowed down at a college and no one says a word. People get mowed down in offices and classrooms and no one speaks. Why? Because the NRA has muzzled the people of the United States and now they are trying to do it to Bob Costas.

Mike Huckabee and Herman Cain are leading the charge. That should give you a clue to the righteousness of their cause. Not. And it took an NFL player shooting his girlfriend and himself to let the cat out of the bag and maybe it was because it was during macho hour that people are so incensed. Guns. Pickups. Football. They all go together in ratings land. And Costas violated the code. Thou shall not say anything about guns. It doesn't matter how many people get killed, thou shall not speak badly of the second amendment.

But non gun owners have rights. Citizens have rights. We can not be held hostage because other people think it is their God given right to shoot other people. The frontier is over. We are not going to be occupied. And to say people need guns to protect them from the will be vaporized by a drone or an air strike before you even chamber up. No it is choice gone bad. One peoples prerogative over another. The gun owners of American and their watchdog have violated our rights. Screw the second amendment. How about about a new amendment calling for the rights of the unarmed not to be shot down.

Thou shall not be threatened in public places by an armed populace. Thou shall have liberty without fear. Thou shall be able to go to school without fear of being shot. To a movie without fear of being shot. Thou shall be able to go to a political event, work, college, drive, without fear of being shot. That should do it. Take out the second amendment and put that one in place of it. Call it Second Amendment2B.

The right to not get shot in ones own country.

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