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Friday, December 14, 2012

Lets Get the Guns

Let's get the guns for those twenty children no longer with us. Lets get the guns for the others shot who were teachers. Lets get them for Gabby Gifford. Lets get them for the people who died in Colorado watching a movie. Lets get the guns for the people in Portland who were shot in the shopping mall. Lets get the guns for the Virginia Tech college students. Lets getthe guns for all the children who have died while going to school. Just going to school. Their lives were just beginning. They know nothing of the second amendment or the right to bear arms. They were not armed. They  have no rights and never will.

Lets get the guns for the dead teachers who went to work to give their kids something and never came back. Lets get the guns for all the dead cops shot down by automatic weapons. Lets get the guns for the parents who have take that call and will never come back from it. Lets get the guns for the innocents who have no stake in this battle but were killed all the same. Lets get the guns for the children yet to be born but who could very well die in a school, or a theatre, or a church, or at a political rally or in a courtroom or at home.

Lets get the guns for our children who we will do anything for right? We love saying that. We will do anything for our children. Anything. Really? Anything except get the guns or stop someone from buying an AR15 with a hundred round clip. The sad fact is we as a people have lost the right to bear arms. Twenty  dead children say it is so.

 So lets do this thing. For our kids. We can all agree on that. For our kids. We will do anything for our kids. Right?  Republican. Democrat. Independent. Conservative. Liberal.  For our kids. Lets do this thing. Now.

Lets get those fucking guns.

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