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Friday, December 21, 2012

Include Assault Weapons Under the Terrorist Act

There was a strategy in WWII called island hopping. Basically the Japanese occupied many islands across the Pacific and the United States saw it would take months to take every island on their way to Japan so they decided to just go around the islands. To leave the Japanese in place and go after the main target which was Japan. That is what we have to do now. We have to go around the islands and forget about negotiating with the blood soaked stooges of the NRA and pass an  executive order. That order would include assault weapons under the Terrorist Act.

Assault Weapons are weapons of terror. That is what they were designed for. Killing on the scale these weapons perform on is terrorism. Killing multiple adults is terrorism. Killing children is an  act of terrorism. Killing people in movies theatres is an act of terrorism. Killing people at political events is an act of terrorism. Automatic weapons are the tools of terrorists. They are designed to murder humans as fast as possible. They are the modern terrorists weapons of choice. No different than a bomb or a man with a box cutter.

For what is more of an act of terrorism than killing our children. There can be nothing more that strikes fear and terror into the hearts of Americans. We have outlawed carrying weapons on planes because they are interpreted as possible tools of terrorists. Certainly the only difference for assault weapons is they are not on a plane but are in our schools and theatres our churches our political venues.

So lets side step the islands of the NRA. Four million members don't compare to the three hundred and fifty million other people. We are being governed by a minority that is making  the gun industry rich. The President should declare all assault weapons as tools of terrorism. And we can then go after the real target of getting rid of guns.

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