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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guns Don't Kill People...

The NRA really needs to get on the stick here. This is the second mass shooting where the shooter is foiled by his own weaponry. Don't you think the NRA would address this issue? Obviously gun laws are hampering manufacturers from producing  military spec weapons that would continue to function even after the first sixty rounds as was the case in the Portland Oregon shooting. Or in the theatre when that hundred round clip jammed. What is a deranged killer to do when even his equipment won't cooperate?

And we hear the same thing over and over. He was a nice normal guy. He wouldn't  hurt anybody. He was just a calm person who always was very helpful. Right up until he went and shot down the people in the mall or the theatre. These are very strange markers but they fit the profile of the lone nut who gives no warning signals at all but then shows up in camouflage with an automatic weapon and  cuts loose. And then they check out with a shot to the head. Nice.

And not a peep. Not a peep. Guns don't kill people people kill people. Right. Just ask Bob Kostas. Whatever happened to him? He sinned and he will pay a price. You know. Commonsense kind of thing, but here in Illinois we are headed the other way. We just struck down a law saying it was illegal to have a concealed weapon. Now you won't know who is packing.

But back to our shooter. They say right before the shooting he went stone cold. He got kind of weird in the eyes. Like something overtook him. And you almost would think he was taken over by an alien. Or is that just the human animal malfunctioning horribly? Lets face it we have a lot of humans on the planet now and some will just break down and start shooting people. So remember, guns don't kill people...people kill people.

With a gun.

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