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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Guns Belong to Old America Now

And why shouldn't they? Guns lost in the last election as well and not in the sense gun owners worry about that someone will come take their guns. The gun culture lost along with the hopeful return to fifties America the Republicans tried to resurrect. Like abortion and Obamacare and all the other social issues the conservatives tried to destroy and failed, guns are now in that same marginalized culture. They went out the window with the rest of the old world that was the Republicans and Mitt Romneys  Alamo. Guns are simply anachronistic and belong to a world fast receding in the twenty first century.

Hunting culture has been steadily dying for some time. But more than that the us versus them mentality of rural America is clearly in the same category as dumb phones and CDs...their relevancy is no longer. And this is behind the anger of country, that the world they know is no longer the main show of America. The new America is a blend of cultures and people and is global and there is no room for guns nor is there a culture for guns. They have become part of the fringe  that lost the last election.

And that is where the three hundred percent increase in purchases comes in since Obama became President. It is the paranoia that the government will come and take over some how but more it is straight up fear that in the new world of smart phones and twittering, a world where twenty somethings make a billion dollars for a smart phone app, that this world is foreign and does not support a gun culture or anything that smacks of the lone individual fighting for his perceived rights against the urban hordes. Truly, we have two worlds. Just watch Fox News.

And now there are the guns and the gun culture and it will die a painful death. The public safety will triumph. It has too. We have to keep our children safe and even the second amendment proponents will have a hard time making a case that the rights of a deer hunter in Wisconsin trump the rights of millions who live in cities and suburbs. The frontier has been closed for some time and people now live in close proximity and there is no room for a man who is armed to the teeth and ready to fire once he feels his honor or safety threatened. Look at what has happened in Florida.

So time will undo most movements or epochs or cultures.  And the gun culture which began in the frontier days has finally run out of time. The Indians are gone and so are the Buffalo. Custer is dead and Old America will spool up only in those late night movies when the world was simple and we were the good guys and armed. And everything was in black and white.

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