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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gone Girl Done Gone

You have to read a New York Times Bestseller or not. Your choice. I read Gone Girl. Gillian Flynn is a good writer. Let me just say that up front. Also I don't read thrillers or mysteries. Not my thing. So I am throwing out some disclaimers. But I started to read Gone Girl with all its effability because I thought it was time I read a #1 bestseller and see what is up. And of course the premise is interesting. Two characters straight out of our time who find themselves displaced from New York to Missouri and then the main character vanishes and we start down our whodoneit road.

And what do you expect from here on out? It doesn't really matter. The book becomes like candy you just cant eat fast enough and by the end you are strung out and vaguely unsatisfied. And maybe it is the genre but there is no iceberg beneath the surface. What you see is what you get and you end up skating along to the end and you reach the edge of the ice and start walking and take off your skates and forget you ever skated at all. Clumsy metaphors aside it is funny how literature can take a holiday and leave behind it's cousin...pulp.

This sounds too harsh. But if we follow F. Scott Fitzgerald's edict that all cheap entertainment is immoral...a heroin of the soul, then certainly Gone Girl is some grade A smack. And why should a book be weighed down with giving us more than a good plot and some good writing? Why should the human condition have to be in every work of fiction. It doesn't. But when you read something like GG you just sort of fall slowly back and by the end you are reduced to....huh!

Anyway. It is a ride. Eat the candy and enjoy the wind.

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