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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Get the guns

  What do you do with people who after twenty elementary children are gunned down with a knock off AR15 and hollow point  bullets still hide behind the second amendment? This has nothing to do with the right to bear arms and everyone knows it. It is about the right to make a buck and and the gun manufacturers are digging in with their lapdogs in congress. It really  all comes down to one thing and thing only. You either get the guns or you don't.

The Republicans may or may not care about the rights of gun owners. Mostly they care about getting elected and are terrified that the Tea Party will unseat them along with the NRA. More people die by guns in the United States than in Afghanistan. So lets just declare the country a war zone and be done with it. Lets get on our flak jackets and lock and load and quit thumbing our nose at Beirut because we live in Beirut now.

So you can dress it up anyway you want but the parents of those poor children know only one thing destroyed their world. A gun. A gun. A gun. Say it again. A gun. So you have to get the guns. You have to get the guns before the next sicko gets his hands on one. And Americans may be in love with the Second Amendment but I think they love their kids more. And our kids are at risk. Yeah sure. It may not happen to you. But do you really want to roll the dice with your kids? Those people didn't think it would happen to them. Nor did the THOUSANDS who die every year from guns. So I say it again and again.

Get the guns. Get the guns. Get the fucking guns.

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