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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Do Republicans Hate the Middle Class?

You have to ask this question by now. And the answer would seem to be yes. Take the current fiscal cliff imbroglio. The Republicans are making their Alamo stand on one new taxes for the rich. And if they budge at all then they must see Medicare and Medicaid and Food Stamps and Social Services cut. There must be  payback. And they seem quite willing to go over the proverbial cliff to prove their point or protect their one percent backers. So we must ask the question at this point: does this renegade party really dislike the middle class?

We already heard the forty seven percent disparagement by the Mormon guy who is now in deep seclusion with his wife reportedly weeping and riding around on her horses in permanent mourning that she is the not the first lady. Romney has certainly been shipped to the wilderness and yet we have been left with the same distaste, elitism, if not outright antipathy for a very large segment of the American population. Lets face it Mitt was not operating in a vacuum and the forty seven percent rant was merely the incantation of party philosophy.

Because the Super Pac Carl Rovian bet was that an oligarchy is viable government for the United States. That the middle class could be fundamentally reduced to serfs and New Deal legislation could be shredded and the good old days of Robber Barons could return. The only fly in the ointment was they lost. And they lost badly and so the plutocracy did not come about and rule by the wealthy went back to the pipe dream of Trumpian capitalists.

But they left the party behind. And the Republican party does not seem to like the middle class. They are loathe to extend middle class tax cuts unless the rich get it too and only if middle class entitlements are cut. Ok. So logically, if a party wants only to help those who need no help and wants to hurt the broad swath of Americans who are middle class....then we must conclude...

Republicans do not like the middle class and worse, they are out do us harm.

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