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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why Won't the Media Call Romney a Liar?

When you were a kid you knew one thing. If someone told a fib then you called them out. It was simple, you screamed "you're a liar!" Joe Wilson knows this very well except of course there are times like during a State of the Union where you want to temper this impulse. But it would seem that with Presidential Candidates the rules of childhood are off. The value in calling someone a liar is that they might not do it again for fear of being pegged again. But it would seem the Romney campaign does not care about that either.

Take the auto bailout. According to Romney his plan to let Detroit go bust is the same as Obamas bailout. Managed bankruptcy. And somehow Mitt has convinced himself that he didn't really want controlled bankruptcy and that Obamas bailout is the same as letting the car industry fend for itself. Ok. Not so bad yet. But now he has added the caveat of telling everyone Jeep is shipping jobs to China. Not true Mitt not true so says Chrysler and everyone else. And what does the media say?

Romney is stretching the truth. Romney is misstating. He is exaggerating. Or worse is when the pundits laud him for his strategy of lying at the end of the campaign before the media catches up with him and getting those undecided votes. If journalism is one of investigation, shouldn't a verdict on that investigation be rendered at the end and if the candidate is found to repeatedly lie, shouldn't he be called out as a Liar? Isn't that the job of the media? But they call it doubling down. Or staying the course. Or refusing to reverse himself. How about this: Mitt Romney is lying to the American public about Jeep shipping jobs to China. Ergo. Mitt Romney is a liar.

And if you need further proof then look to the debates where he painted himself as a man who would not overturn Roe V. Wade. A man who adopted Obamas strategy of leaving Afghanistan on the fourteenth. A man with a health plan that covers pre existing conditions. And then of course he didnt  want bankruptcy for Detroit and Jeep is shipping jobs to China.  All these positions were disproved by the candidate himself with earlier statements. So again, he lied. But the media didn't quite see it that way. He misspoke, had Romnesia, exaggerated, obfuscated, ignored the truth, fibulated, stretched the truth, produced a misstatement, gaffed, distorted the truth, doubled down, spoke an untruth, campaigned, strategized, didn't quite tell the truth. I know. How about this one...he lied.

Ergo. Mitt Romney is simply a liar. Now that wasn't so hard.

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