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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who Do the Republicans Represent?

If not the rich. It is strange to hear the Republicans building their firewall for the rich now. I thought the election settled the issue but of course I didn't really think that. But still, to see an entire party devoted to only one precept of the population is very odd. If the one percent is truly the one percent then the Republicans only represent one percent of the populace. This would take representative  democracy to the theatre of the absurd. A political party bent on ignoring ninety nine percent of the citizenry.

Yet this is what we have. The hilarious thing is that the mantra is a bit like an old song that has no relevancy. In the mean In time, between time, aint we got fun. So who are they really protecting. The job creators? Well everyone knows that's not true. It has almost become a cry like Remember the Maine or Remember the Alamo. Remember the rich! They shall not be taxed! And it even has a sort of populist ring to it with the only problem is that it is really a cry of a patrician class.

And so we have Boehner and McConnell digging in their heels for the faceless few who have all the money and apparently all the influence. Opposing them is...well, the entire country. The median income in the United States is fifty grand. Solidly middleclass. And many people make less than this with many more that are downright poor and hungry. But we have this sliver, this shining band of one percent of the population that are being represented right up to the fiscal cliff in a sort of game of chicken. And it sounds like we are going over.

But for what? I would essay the Republicans don't know anymore. I would put forth the argument they don't even really care about the one percent. It is what the vote stands for now....or what the precept stands for. Grover Norquist aside it is not a philosophical we wont raise taxes on anybody conviction. It is sadly we are against the forty seven percent, the slackers who elected the slacker in chief and so it is really a philosophical stand. The Republicans still just cannot support anything the President supports even when he wins an election and is given a mandate by the people. Like the defenders of the Alamo, they will die with their boots on.

We saw this before. If you can not get your way then nobody will get their way. In other words...just say no. So get out the coon skin hats and prepare yourself for the final assault. The new strategy of the Republican party is to not cooperate on any program the President champions and make him and the Democrats look bad for the 2016 election cycle.

Where have we heard this before?

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