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Monday, November 12, 2012

When the Real Writing Is Done

In the morning. After that it is all down hill. There is only a certain amount of zap and after that it is over. Coffee, speed, nicotine. Nothing helps. The genie is just gone. There must be some research as to why this is, but the human brain seems only able to hit the high performance level for a little while and then it can only do the mundane tasks. And that is sort of a bummer because writing is so much fun.

No wonder authors are bored during the day. There is only so much you can do. Marketing moves in after the writing for the day is finished and that is very brain draining. I suppose it is the other side of the brain that dictates blogs and press releases and whatever else you have have to do to sells books. And then of course you have to act like a human. That is tiring also. Eat. MSNBCathon. The day is over.

But of course the reading has to be done before bed. And so you burn the Kindle until you fall asleep. And then hopefully eight hours of recharging your batteries. Ready to roll again. You fire up in the morning for your few precious hours with the Gods. Until the real writing is done once again.

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