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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Those Soggy Romney Ryan signs

They are now dead soldiers all over the Midwest. Outside of Chicago in the far western suburbs the lawns are adorned with the blue and white tombstones of another defunct election campaign. They are the last stalwart supporters of a man and his politics that have already become arcane. The last great white hope of the old white men party has gone into the annals of history as a Trivial Pursuit question and the campaign buttons, signs, flyers, stickers will end up in serendipity shops. Remember this guy? No. I don't.

So it goes for the losers. So much hope and yet defeated by demographics and time. If Sarah Palin had the perfect 1950s husband certainly it would have been Mitt Romney. He just looked the part. June, where is the Beave? He went back to Utah to join the Osmonds. And yet there was a moment when it looked like tea party inspired racism and paranoia could fuse with the last gasp of The Greatest Generation dregs and go for another Bushian four years. It almost happened didn't it? But in another way, it couldn't have happened. Time as they said, had gone by.

And the world this morning has gone forward and will never go back. The old world of patriarchal white men in suits taking care of things will be no more. They polymorphic blend of race evident at the Obama election party last night is where we are going. The Tea Party and all those who tried to dress up patriotism and Americanism as something other than an exclusive one percent party have failed once again.

The country is fast becomiing a rainbow of diversity...and we will carry the future with us.

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