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Friday, November 9, 2012

The End of Traditional America

The right has come up  with a brilliant answer to President Obamas re-election: it didn't really happen. All you have to do is listen to Boehner or Mitch McConnell lay down the law. Nope. No election. Nothing changed because the election didn't happen. So that is how the Republicans are handling it. Just say no. How original. Fiscal cliff? Bring it on. The people are with us. Oh, that election. Ha. Well that was The Storm. As Carl Rove said it was an act of God. Or Christie. But that had nothing to do with the peoples will. Nuh uh. No sir. Didn't happen. Sandy did it.

And then there is the David Brooks of the NY Times. You gotta love this one. America was founded by pioneers with a Protestant work ethic who believed in thrift and hard work and pulling yourself up by your boot straps. But the people who have come over since then (the slackers George ie. forty seven percent) don't share these Horatio Alger values. No the immigrants are a bunch of sucks on the state and would rather live off the government and so the good old Americans are suddenly in the minority and we are stuck with the freeloaders. Which brings us to Fox and Friends.

Billy Oreilly has a simple answer that backs into the screaming hordes have ruined America thesis: It is the end of traditonal Amercia. You know...WHITE America. And now we are stuck with blacks and gays and Hispanics who really don't believe in working hard to get ahead. No they just want Obamacare and welfare and food stamps and unemployment. They are the famous forty seven percent and OReilly and Brooks are having a wake now for our best Leave it To Beaver days that have gone the way of Sarah Palin. Sigh.

Of course this only occurred because of voter suppression as Rush points out. Yes. The Democrats suppressed the vote by saying Romney was a rich guy who destroyed companies and shipped jobs overseas. Blasphemers! Where did this canard come from? Maybe the Camen Islands where his millions beams back a pulsing chant...we are the one percent we are the one percent we are the one percent. So that's it. Traditional America is dead. The vote was suppressed and God sent Hurricane Sandy to help out Obama.

But I think what really racks off Republicans is the middle class just didn't buy it. They just didn't vote against themselves this time. The biggest bait and switch in history fell on it's face and traditional America has now been relegated to Florida where they can watch the decline of the nation. Take heart. They say a sucker is born every minute. Find a charismatic black guy and double down on the lies.

Who knows. You might win the next election that never really happened.

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