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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Talking Stupid wont do it anymore

I was having a conversation with a women when two people left the room. We had been talking about the book The Global Achievement Gap and what it means to teaching. The books thesis is that we are still teaching in an anachronistic mode of the twentieth century. You know. See Spot run. See Dick and Jane. But that we are falling steadily behind students the world over because of this old test based way of teaching. Basically the books thesis we don't teach kids to learn but to take tests. So the two other people in the room left during our conversation.

I realized then we had chased them out and the woman confirmed my suspicion. And it got me to thinking. Well, I had violated one of the mores of family interaction. Thou shall not say anything that is not moronic. Keep it dumbed down and devoid of politics, religion, or intellectualism of any sort. It seems that we have accepted the diktat that to speak of anything beyond the commonplace of shopping, deals, or movies is to violate a basic middle class pact. But my contention is we can no longer afford to talk stupid.

The world is global. People compete for jobs globally and it is truly an eat what you kill world. Look at all the college graduates cooling their heels in crappy minimum wage jobs. There is no place now for the LCD person who just wants to get a job. There are no jobs. You either justify your money and problem solve or you are destined to live in your parents basement or worse. And talking stupid will not get us through anymore. The slacker hip American is just so over. We either start getting smart or start watching the world from the back of the bus.

There is a  new global  sheriff in town. And nobody can afford to talk smack anymore.

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