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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nobody LIkes a Sore Loser

Poor Mitt. He just cant seem to go back to Osmond land and be happy without rolling a few forty seven percent grenades.And you would think the man who made shooting himself in the foot a high art would run from the very things that lost him the election. But Mitt is mad. Even his comfort fit jeans and loafers have become angry, wrinkled, and scuffed.He should have won. He should have. But Obama, he paid off the minorities with Obama care and food stamps and that's how he won. You pay people to vote for you.

Sore losers just cant accept the fact they lost. The game had to be rigged. Mitt even puts a number to the payoff. Ten grand. Thats' what it is worth to someone to vote for Obama. Oh. So that's how he won. I couldn't figure it out either. So the forty seven percent did it. The blacks. The Hispanics. The slackers. The people who want handouts. They voted for the President. Well that makes a lot more sense now. I was wondering how he won when clearly Mitt was a better candidate. Well now we know.

And the sore loser is really bad news for the Republicans. They were just trying to enter the Age of Aquarius and now they have Mitt pulling back the curtain again. Well what does he care. He cant run anymore and now he goes and ruins it for everybody else. Like I said, nobody likes a sore loser. Bobby Jindal told Mitt go get lost but hes still got a few parting grenades. That's the thing about poor losers.

They really don't care how the game is played.

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