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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Modern Conservatism is DOA

Or at least dying. The fact that three out of four CEOs supported Romney and put their money where their mouth was and still their candidate ended up back with the Osmonds  in Mormon land, tells us that the good ship plutocracy is leaking badly. Take the Rovian stance  at the last hour on FOX news. Declaring that even though water was gushing in the ship, Romney would be fine. Even Fox News was no longer buying as Carl was fighting off Trumpian Tweets that lambasted him for blowing four hundred million and losing every race. Every race. And even thought Alan West in Florida is in denial that he lost...the writing is on the wall. Of course the latest bell weather is one of Sean Hannity blowing angle rings toward immigration. Can anyone say wolf in sheeps clothing? Whoa Sean.

But more than all that you see that as the dust settles a power grab was in play. The forces of corporate America aligned with the far right elements of the Republican Party to cement their hold on a changing America and they failed mightily. America had changed and just like that the Party of Old White Men became dinasourial. Gone the way of the Bull Moose Party that lost the hearts and minds of fellow countrymen in the last century. Even Teddy Roosevelt couldn't stop the march of time then much the way Governor Christie bowed to the inevitable at the eleventh hour. How prescient. How 2016.

Modern Conservatism's real stake in the heart of course is the changing face of the electorate. They are not all white people anymore and they never watched Leave It To Beaver and they just don't care about all those issues the uptight men and women squirming in far western suburban Mega-churches care about. They might even be agnostic or atheists. They are definintely not far right evangelicals. Even Joel Osteen is going have to take a long look. Sure the Confederacy held on but they are on a time limit as well. The South will never rise again and neither will the latest brand of conservatism. The brand has been tarnished and like every ad exec in the country knows...

You either come up with a new brand or you go away.

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