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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gov.Christie Should Dump the Republicans

The bleeding party of red are piling on Christie for standing too close and gushing over the President while his state was underwater. The party that lost the election big time is now telling the governor he is at fault because he did his job. Really? Christie does not need these Bozos. They have nothing to offer him. They are a dinosaurial party of the last century who just know how to say no and align themselves with radical fringe elements in the far right and worse than all that they are as incompetent as dirt. Imagine losing an election where you have eight percent unemployment. DUHHHH. DUMMMMMB.

The party that shot itself in the foot by picking the Osmond Brothers toothy smile to represent them are in no position to tell any man how he should do his job. Even with the millions they pumped into the election they couldn't buy the vote. They are not even good corrupt politicians. Any Tammany Hall politico could have done a better job of greasing the right pockets but they had Rove the bungler throw away four hundred million and let The Donald talk smack right up to the finish line. And then they got behind Mourdoch and Akin. Again. DUMMMMMMMB.

So who are they to tell Christie how to win an election? They have not a clue and Mitch McConnell and Ryan and the boys are not done screwing up their chances for 2016. They are doubling down on idiocy and playing the race card and talking about exclusion and letting Romney tell everyone the Dems won because they gave all the blacks forty acres and a mule. I  have a great idea for the Republicans whose only mouthpiece still appears to be the fat one Limbaugh. How about you shut your mouth. Get yourself a charismatic forward looking African American. Tell the Tea Party to take a hike. And tell the rest of your constituency to not let their warped views bleed out until AFTER THE ELECTION.

Oh and don't worry about Christie. He is the best thing you have if he doesn't start a third party. Wouldn't that be a kick in the groin.

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