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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Four Years Later

You wondered if the lies would undo him. The other guy seemed to be able to claim just about anything and own it. And after that first debate things did not look good. And there seemed to be no voice left to his side of the equation. What had he done? And even when reminded of all the things he had done when compared to the Great white Hope it seemed wanting. There was just so much division and hate in the country.

And after the second debate he won but there was that venal quality and he just didn't look Presidential attacking like that. And then the third debate he faced the mirror image of himself and it didn't seem to matter that the other guy didn't know too much about the world. In fact it didn't seem to matter what the other guy knew or didn't know, it just seemed the President was not going to be able to step up for a second term.

And then a funny thing happened. A storm of the century. And maybe he would have won anyway. But when he walked with the New Jersey Governor and told the people he was with just sort of knew that he was the President and that he should be the President for another four years. And so the hope that had seemed to slowly erode over four years flickered again. And then he was re elected on a long Tuesday Night and he sounded like that man from four years before promising change. And that feeling came back that maybe we really could rise above ourselves.

And you went to bed feeling better.

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