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Friday, November 30, 2012

Bullying the President

The thing with bullies is you have to stand up to them eventually or they just keep picking on you. The whole fiscal cliff debacle is such a rerun. The President is pitching ideas and Boehner and company just keep saying...nope. And why wouldn't they say no? It worked before. They lost the election but that is a minor point to a party that feeds from Foxian new sources. There is no Global Warming. It is just a New York City Aquarium that we are watching on television. There is no need to tax the wealthy and middle class people (forty seven percent slackers) just have to get used to doing without their entitlements. Just ask the owner of Papa Johns pizza. He told his employees they might have to get canned because of their vote.

So why not back down the President again? He wont really take the country over the cliff. He doesn't have the stomach for it.  He may have won the war but he sure isn't going to win the peace. Just ask Representative Stan West. He still doesn't believe he lost the war. Or Michelle Bachmann or Bill OReilly or Texas. They want to secede peacefully. Sure. Go watch Lincoln and see what peaceful secession is all about. Then think again. Or Arizona who isn't going to set up insurance exchanges. They really don't recognize the Health Care Law anyway.

And there might be two Americas now as the right wing pundits point out. The heavily armed white America of the rural South and West. The urban elites of the North who just want to give everyones hard earned money away. But we all agreed that we would have an election and that one guy would win and one will lose. And the President even had Mitt over for lunch and showed him the Oval Office which of course shows what a weak kneed sap he is. Would Mitt have don't that? Not on your life. He would have slammed the door behind him.

The President should punch back now. As Lincoln thundered to his cabinet. "I am President of the United States and cloaked in power!" 

So he is

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