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Thursday, November 8, 2012

All The Sad Angry White Men

Dennis Miller has shaved off his beard and says he is not leaving the country. Hey Billy (Bill OReilly) I'm not going anywhere but it's a different world now. And it aint going to go back in my life time. Said looking crestfallen with his fake white teeth clapping together. Billy OReilly concurs and leads off with his thesis. The good America is gone. Now you have people who want "stuff". Slackers. The forty seven percent. He sees a great change coming when we realize the folly of our ways. Ho hum. Rush of course takes the cake. He blames women. He blames the single women. The...ready for this..."Vaginas who voted for Obama." Wow. Rush outdid Rush.

And so it goes. The far right angry white men (And Ann Coulter in apoplexy) as they deal with their shrinking demographic. White men are going away. Hallejuuah. And Sean Hannity cant smile enough. He must have pledged to show he really wasn't down even as he tried to get Bob Woodward to agree with him that the liberal press was to blame for Obamas victory. They just didnt ask him about Libya enough! Bob had to disagree and Sean smiled mightily, but then Dearth Vadors daughter Liz Cheney agreed wholeheartedly. And Sean smiled and signed off saying he would explain to everyone in the coming weeks how it was all going to work out. We cant wait.

And all the sad angry white men are looking for Carl Rove who promised they would win. He is in a bunker with the other Romney landslide pundits. Governor Chrisite has taken to wearing a helmet to ward off the hammer blows from sad angry white men who said he was to blame. Bad  Christie Bad! How dare you give the President credit. Mitt has flown back to Utah with his Osmond family and all their teeth. He is rumored to be going on a driving vacation. His dog has gone into hiding.

And Fox News just cant quit strangling on their own words. The thesis being put forth by the aging white men that the problem wasn't Romney, it was that people need to be better educated about conservatism. They just didn't get it so they will open Conservative U and produce a generation of educated (indoctrinated) voters for the next election. Enrollment is sky high already. The student body of Conservative U is older (meidan age 60) male, angry, and...really white.

Administrators worry about declining enrollment.

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