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Friday, October 12, 2012

Why Mitt is Hunting Big Bird

Big Bird is doing just fine. So Mitt told a reporter when referring to the Sesame Street Character whom he is giving the gas along with Jim Lehrer as soon as he is elected. And one would wonder what drives Mitt to want to exterminate a yellow bird with a giant beak and feet and who looks about as nonthreatening as Ronald McDonald. But there is a history here of Republican hatred for PBS and its funding that is one one hundredth of one percent of the federal budget. Let us then examine the fixation for taking out our fine yellow feathered friend

PBS has a liberal bias. So says the Republicans and that is bad...bad. Let the Big Birdian brain washing begin. But seriously this is put forth as a reason to defund PBS. And they are right. PBS is concerned with the arts and Mitt Romney says he enjoys Masterpiece Theatre.  And what does Mitt enjoy about seeing Jane Austen or Howards End or Pride and Prejudice brought to his home theatre? It is not Paul Ryans wonkish squeaky voice or  Rush Limbaughs bluster or even Mitch McConnell's owlish visage. No it is the drama speaking to the human condition that gives Mitt and Ann paused and maybe some is the arts and the arts are a liberal medium.

For good or bad, artists are not conservative folks nor do they partake in conservative ideology or habits. Artistic endeavour requires breaking the mold and going off the rails and breaking with tradition. (Ok Kid Rock is a conservative...artist?)Tradition is the bedrock of conservatism where great attention is paid to the past and keeping the world much the same with change at a low premium. This then is antithetical to the arts. And Mitt would not enjoy a play written by Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck or Paul Ryan. It would be as dull as vocherized Medicare and no less misleading.

So PBS does have a liberal bent. It has an artistic bent. Listen up boys...a great country must have great art and you cannot just be the corporate state of philistines who have no appreciation or support for anything beyond the almighty buck. And so this bias along with a vague taste for cultural elitism or anti intellectualism that is now riding shotgun in the backseat of the good ship Republican/Tea Party requires that Big Bird be blasted away along with Elmoe and all those goofy people who have telethons and reunite old groups like The Four Tops with pictures of Mitt aged people clapping their hands.

But I digress. Mitt does not feel for Big Bird. He is a cost to the Bainanator and he is only so happy to indulge the far right and blast that pesky bird once and for all. But Mitt is not all bad. He has a warm spot for Jim Lehrer. He even told him he liked him at the debate.

Right after he gave him his pink slip.

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