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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Who Americans Desperately want Mitt Romney to Be

Mitt Romney is the etch a sketch man and we are turning the knobs. And we are making him into a caring man who will turn around the economy and take care of the poor and reduce the deficit and roll back Roe V Wade or not and will right the strange universe of Obamacare with...well, something, and more than all that we just want him to be a decent guy who wont sell everyone down the river. And we are playing with our Gumby every time the polls spike. We mold him, pull his legs down, his head, up, move his arms out. Because he does look the part and if we just tap our shoes twice and close our eyes then Mitt will become the man we want him to be.

And it such a disappointment to know that he is a plutocrat. And that if you watched the Frontline Special on PBS (we know now why he will cut funding) then you understand the man who would be King. He is a fixer. A man who can come in and tinker with your car and get it running, but then  leave you on the side of the road. He fixed the Olympics. He fixed Massachusetts with Romneycare (something he now disowns)And he created the the biggest Mr. Fix It Operation around for companies. Bain Capitol.

And he uses the tools at hand. Cut costs. Cut jobs. Trim fat. Fire management. Raise capitol. And it works. He has done this time and time again. And he makes the big bucks to prove it. The problem is that if the United States is a company, then Mitt sees it as a ailing company that only he can fix. He really believes this is his fix the United States of America Inc And he will use the same tools at hand. Cut costs. Cut jobs. Fire management. Raise capitol.

And we want to believe he will not be that man who does not feel others pain. But he does not. He is a technician. A man who will fix your problem and leave you with the bill. Yet we want to see him as a compassionate man who will not cut entitlements (Medicaid, Medicare, Food stamps, student loans,) We hope he will be a man who does care about the forty seven percent. We hope he will not just give all the breaks to the wealthy. But that is ignoring who Mitt is. Again, he is a technician. He believes the end justifies the means. These are not entitlements to him with real people at the end... these are costs. The rich are not on the one percent or the oligarchy, but job creators. The forty seven percent is not the middle class they are the laggard workforce that needs to be culled. The entitlments  are costs that will be cut, beginning with PBS. He said it himself.

But we don't want to think of him that way. We want to turn the knobs of the etch a sketch and make him into our next President who will care about us. But we must remember that the etch a sketch is a device built on fine particles that are arranged on a magnetized screen. And even if we fill Mitt in and make him who we want him to be....

One shake and he's gone again.

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