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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Writer as Teacher

As Jonathan Franzen said most writers at one time or another end up as teachers. Of course they do. Making a living as a writer is brutal. Enough said. So writers can either go into business; something that most writers are not very good at; or they can go teach. I recently took a class at a small Liberal Arts College teaching composition. What a blast.

The students are inqusitive and open to learning and I am trying to teach them how to write. Does it get any better than that? The writer is very much a natural teacher because of the passion for the word. I dont think I would be a very good teacher in other subjects, but I can rattle on for hours about writing. I think this is probably true of most of us who love the word.

And it will be short lived. I am low on the adjunct totem pole and so it will  be a one shot show. But what the hell. I am back at a college talking about writing three days a week. For someone who has been holed up in a garrot for years is heaven on earth.

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