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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Texas Cheerleaders Are Wrong

The Texas Cheerleaders who want to put quotes from the Bible in their banners are wrong. And the people who jumped behind them are wrong too. The rational is that their First Amendment Rights are being violated by telling them they cannot put Bible Quotes on Banners at football games. But this has nothing to do with First Amendment Rights. This is High school and more than this is a Public School. This then is the pivot point to keep in mind.

The people who are behind the Cheerleaders have framed in it Religious Liberty and First Amendment Rights. They are wrong. This has nothing to do with Religious Freedom or the right to free speech. In my sons school we had the same issue. Students wore T shirts STRAIGHT PRIDE with a quote from Leviticus saying that if you lay down with a man then you deserved to be killed. The same arguments were made of Religious Freedom and First Amendment Rights. They were knocked down quickly. Why?

Because this is High School. Lest you parents and lawyers and adults of all stripes forget-- in High School you had no rights. You did what the teachers told you to do. This is not a Private School. This is a Public High school paid for by the taxpayers and you cannot have a school sanction one religion over another. You cannot assume that something paid for by the masses is for the few or the many. Public School is for atheists, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Catholics,'s for everyone.

What is hilarious is that adults treat these cheerleaders like they were people with a cause. You ready for this: they are kids. They are taken with whims, impulses, ideas, however well intentioned. The adults need to say you know what, we know your heart is in the right place, but a football game is not the right place for these Bible verses.

It's high school. You know football. Cheerleaders. Good times. Ferris Bueller. Kids.

Get over it.

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