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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Say Anything Man

Mr. Fix it will say anything. He has done it his whole life. When he ran against Ted Kennedy he ran as a Pro Choice Progressive. Crazy right? But if you listen to that debate Romney tried to out Kennedy Kennedy, but was slapped down. He thought it was over until he morphed into a Republican and ran for Governor. Again he was the say anything man and came across as a moderate and decided to plant his flag in Health Reform. Romneycare became the law of the land and he used that issue to springboard into national politics. But the voters kicked him out of the Governor mansion.

Then the Olympics bailed him out. The Say Anything man fixed them in Bain fashion. He fired people, raised money, reorganized, then he and his wife ran in the torch lighting. Ann Romney thinks its Mitts right to say anything and she bristles if you say otherwise. "You people." is her favorite phrase. But the Say Anything man jumped back into the fray as a Conservative Republican. He doubled down and became Pro Life and Pro Tea Party and Pro Anything that would get him elected.

Now he is doing it again. Having cleared the base he is saying anything to get the Independents. He likes Romneycare again. He wants to save Education. He wants to help the poor. He wants to help the middle class. He wants to get elected. The problem with the Say Anything man is he beholding to the people who can help him. Right now it is us. The middle class. He will say anything for our vote.

But when he is in power the rich and the far right will call their maker due with a vengeance. Make no mistake he will have to pay that bill with a voucher system and eviscerated Social Programs and tax breaks for the wealthy. The Say Anything Man will do anything as well and that makes him a dog that bites both ways.

No wonder he put his dog on the roof of his car. He understands the breed.

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